A static website is no more than a business card. In this era, however, visitors want more from a website. The same applies to the companies themselves. Process orders, payments, reservation systems and locations on maps, there are many applications that require a connection to a database. This is done using a web application. Here are a lot of advantages to this:

  • Web applications are easy to integrate into existing websites.
  • The applications are platform-independent (Mac, Windows, Linux) because they are loaded within the web browser.
  • Users don’t need to install any software but can simply call up the required data via their browser.

Freshned regularly collaborates with creative, experienced developers. By using web standards and open source applications that have proven themselves, we are able to develop powerful and scalable web application for you. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. So what web application would you use?

We deliver customization.

Freshned has access to an extensive library of previously used applications. However, each company has different needs, therefore chances are that you need a customized solution. Customization is one of our specialties. We are therefore going to love having you around the table and come to an appropriate solution for your problem.

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