Graphic Design

Not only online but also offline communications can be an indelible impression you leave on your (potential) customers. Therefore Freshned delivers only beautiful web design and stunning print. Of course we take care of the graphic design for this too, with special attention to your corporate identity. Below we give some concrete examples of clients work.

Business printing

Our graphic design we are able to print in various ways. Business printing is the most common one. You can think of stationery, notebooks, folders, quote forms, cards, and so on. The most popular are probably the business cards. We would be delighted to show you examples of our work.

Promotional material

Promotional material is suitable for both B2B and B2C relationships. You can spread flyers on the street, send brochures by mail, give calendars to your business associates and distribute posters to your resellers. Again, we pay attention to your needs and house style, so you are instantly recognizable to your audience.

Printing for catering and entertainment

Whether you are organizing a festival or throwing a party, with professional printing, the atmosphere is already good. We deliver a powerful design for advertising cups, wristbands, tickets or placemats. Each item radiates the identity that fits with the target audience.

Advertising Materials

Would you like to give your products a better placement in stores? With beautiful printed displays you attract the attention of potential customers. If you go to an event, we can provide you with exhibition and presentation walls. Also for banners and flags Freshned is the right place for you

Request a quote

Freshned delivers superb graphic design. Optionally we can transform the design into print. Above, some examples of applications are given. Of course you can also bring our designs to your favourite printer. Want to know more about the possibilities, please contact us. We will offer a custom quote to you with pleasure.