Corporate Identity

To win the trust of potential customers, it is important to have a positive and uniform expression. An ever changing logo, font and colours used can seem messy, while a consistent corporate identity indicates that you know who you are and what you stand for. Freshned has years of experience in creating this type of identities and loves to create a style for your organization. Therefore we pay attention to the following elements:

Colours are emotions

When determining your corporate style it is very important to use a colour scheme. Colours can evoke both positive and negative emotions. As red can stand for passion, it also represents anger. We associate white with purity, but sometimes with detachment. A good colour scheme often consists of a main colour and a support colour. Freshned makes sure that the chosen colours both in print and in digital applications properly come into their own.

Powerful logo

An essential part of the corporate identity is branded with your logo. In consultation with you, we create a word or figurative mark. To make sure that your logo works; we design it first in black and white and then in colour. Then you can get it in high resolution and in multiple formats for use in all your communications.

Formal elements

Who wants to make the recognition of a brand as big as possible also ensures that the formal elements are consistent. Think of fonts and colours, the white space between lines, the way you use graphics, and so on. You’ll be amazed at what the smallest changes to the image of your organization can do.

Drafting corporate identity Book

To ensure that your corporate identity in practice is implemented, we propose a corporate book. This document explains the rules in areas such as colour and logo fixed dimensions. You can use this stylebook to distribute internally, but also to give to press relations or external suppliers.

Put us to work

A uniform corporate identity is very important. We are happy to assist you an identity, which seamlessly blend with the needs of your organization and your audience. Are you curious about the possibilities or want to know more about this service? Our graphic designer will answer all your questions and proposes a quotation for you.