Your existing website can still be beautiful on a computer, but what about when someone types in your URL on a mobile device? The small resolutions of smartphones and tablets often mean that a site is reduced many times. In order to be able to read a text or click a link on your site users must all perform tricks with their fingers to zoom and scroll. You don’t want to do that to your customers, do you?

Do not frustrate your visitors any longer and let Freshned create a mobile version of your website. If required, we also take the PC version of your website in progress and we will make this a responsive design. This means that your site layout automatically adjusts when the screen or window size changes. Every new web design of Freshned is originally responsive.

Your site for smartphone and tablet

One of the most important considerations for web designers is what information should be placed above the fold. This refers to the upper part of a page, which is immediately visible without scrolling. Attract the attention of a visitor and generate his or her interests are the purpose. In a modification to a mobile website, we look at this critically. The restrictions that the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets have, asks for a new definition of your priorities: what do you want visitors to see first?

User-friendly and beautiful

The goal of our efforts to make your site “mobile-friendly” is obviously approaching the same conversion rates on mobile platforms as with visitors with a desktop or laptop. To achieve this we strive for an equally attractive and user-friendly mobile website.

Also for mobile apps

Do you want your customers or business partners offer an extra service? In some cases, an application than can be used offline can be a welcome addition to a mobile web site. Freshned has years of experience in designing and creating mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Want to learn more about the possibilities and rates? Please contact us to make an appointment or receive a free quote.