As more and more organizations are active on the Internet, competition is increasing. Enter any search in Google and you will see proof of this. For you as a business, this means you no longer just get a high ranking in the search results. Fortunately Freshned can lend a hand to help by using SEO. The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

‘On –site’ optimization

To help assign your site a high value in Google and other search engines, it is important that the content on the site is of good quality. But not only that, it is also important that the texts are optimized for search terms that your target audience uses. Freshned can tell you which queries that are and subsequently optimize the text to these terms. In addition, we provide all pages of catchy meta descriptions and page titles.

Link Building

In addition to ‘on – site’ optimization, which we discussed above, you, can strengthen your position in the search engines by linking more sites to yours. Because it is not always easy to convince webmasters to do this, it’s recommended to use professionals for this. Thanks to our good contacts and years of experience we know how to find the most suitable sites. By linking your site to relevant others it gives a clear signal to the search engine, which is: my site matters.

Clear statistics

To see how your site enjoys more visitors, we provide you with real-time statistics. Here you can see the origin of visitors, the time they spend on your site and the search terms that brought them to your website. On this basis and in conjunction with our advice you can decide where you want to focus or what direction you want to go.

Request a quote

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