May not be as attractive as the images or videos on your site but poor text are a missed opportunity. Of course you know the most about your products or services, but are you capable of attracting potential? Do not take risks and let the content writer of Freshned correct your texts or writing.

Seduce with words

Every visitor to your website is a potential customer. It is therefore wise to pay attention to the text on your site. Do they convert? Are they motivating? Are they all written with the same goal? And what is this goal? Before we start writing we discuss these things with you to get a clear view. Because only then you get it right.

There are all sorts of ‘tricks’ with which we encourage your visitors to take action. Thus, we emphasize the benefits rather than the features. We put ourselves in your customers’ shoes and show that. We let all concerns disappear and then come up with an irresistible offer. Convert visitors with enticing words is an art that Freshned understands.

Search Engine Friendly

Texts that motivate the reader are important, but how do you get readers in the first place? As a specialist in SEO Freshned can also optimize the text for search engines like Google. Research will show the best possible combinations of words with the greatest potential for your site. Then we will integrate these words in convincing test with the utmost care. The result? More visitors and an excellent conversion.

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Texts are an essential part of a successful website. Do you want details about our text or on our other services? Let us know and contact us for more information.