Social media

Search engines are no longer the only way visitors can find you. With the explosive rise of social media a shared photo or video can have a huge impact on your business. Positive but also negative. It is therefore important to think carefully about your social media activities. The best thing you can do is hiring a professional, such as social media experts at Freshned. We manage accounts of the following social media channels:

• Twitter

• Google+

• Youtube

• Pinterest

• Facebook

• Instagram

• Linkedin

Build customer relationships and improve

The traditional brick and mortar shops decrease. In this digital age, many transactions are entirely over the internet, therefore making human contact happens less. Yet it remains true that people prefer to buy from someone they know and trust.

Social media fill this gap: it shows the personal side of your business and provides exceptional customer service. That way you build a relationship with your customers, similar to the way traditional companies did. A company with a strong presence in the social media distinguishes itself from the competition.

Viral content

Of course we like to think with you about a successful campaign on Facebook, for example, with a viral strategy: visitors find your message or video so special that they like to show it to friends. If some of these friends here think the same way about your campaign it will spread like wildfire over the Netherlands. Thus, a minimum investment yield will result in much free publicity and new customers.

Freshned is your partner for social media campaigns that score. Hand over all your work to us so you can focus on your core business or choose the affordable Social Media Plan. With this latter option, we propose a plan for you, but you manage your social media accounts. Several times a year we analyse what results are achieved due to this plan and, when necessary, we will adjust your social media strategy.


You do not have time or the knowledge to manage your social media accounts? Freshned is happy to help. In consultation with you, we determine the image you want to project and the audience you wish to reach. Learn more about the monthly contract or Social Media Plan? Please contact us today.